The Burnt Chef Project encourages operators to boost their colleagues’ morale this Christmas

The team behind The Burnt Chef Project has joined forces with Morale, the world’s kindest social networking platform, to encourage hospitality businesses and operators to share some festive cheer and praise their colleagues this Christmas.

The new initiative, a first for the hospitality sector, allows individuals to anonymously send messages of gratitude directly to their colleague’s mobile phones, for free, from a dedicated online website or app. Designed to boost the wellbeing of individuals, in what can be a stressful time for those operating in the hospitality sector, the Morale Boost idea is a simple, yet effective way to recognise an individual's value at one of the busiest times of year.

Research has shown that simple acts of gratitude are a great way to make people feel valued, while the impact of positive feedback is known to mitigate the negative effects of stress on a person’s performance. The same research, undertaken by neuroscientists, has shown that a human brain receives positive verbal affirmations in the same way as it does financial reward. In fact, giving a compliment is as much of a boost to dopamine levels as receiving a compliment.

On the partnership with Morale, Kris Hall, Founder and CEO of The Burnt Chef Project comments:

“The Christmas and New Year period can be one of the most stressful times of year for those working in hospitality. That’s why, we’ve partnered with the team from Morale, the networking platform, to deliver a little bit of cheer and positivity at Christmas.

Foodservice managers and operators can use the dedicated website to choose their morale-boosting message and quickly send this directly to their colleague's phone for free – showing them just how much they’re valued and appreciated. The messages are regularly changed or updated, meaning multiple messages of gratitude can be sent across the period.”

By simply visiting the site, selecting a chosen message and adding a number, the anonymous message is sent in seconds and completely free of charge.

On the partnership, Aldwyn Boscawen, Founder of Morale adds:

“We're thrilled to be partnering with The Burnt Chef Project to support the morale of those working tirelessly in the hospitality industry this Christmas time. We know just how gruelling this time of year, in particular, can be for the sector and so by spreading positivity, we know we can help the morale of the teams and individuals working so hard to serve their customers.”

To share your gratitude to your colleagues or your team, visit or to find out more about the work of The Burnt Chef Project, please visit

Hotel HVAC systems guide

When it comes to HVAC systems, hoteliers have more requirements and factors to consider than virtually any other industry sector. From guest comfort and reliability to overall efficiency and energy saving – a holistic approach is needed to ensure that the complex commercial heating and ventilation requirements of a hotel are met.

Here, we’ll take a look at the key factors hotel managers must consider when deploying site-appropriate commercial HVAC solutions. From an objective point of view, this presents the ideal opportunity to examine how a premises’ heating and ventilation requirements are directly affected by business type.

The role of HVAC systems in hotels

HVAC systems play a critical role in the day-to-day operation and management of hotels. In fact, they’re used for more applications than many people realise, including:

  • Maintaining the appropriate temperature, humidity and ventilation in rooms, suites, corridors and other customer-facing areas.
  • Providing hot water for rooms, kitchens, and other on-site facilities like spas.
  • Ventilating interior spaces to aid with air filtration, passive fire safety, and overall cleanliness.
  • Offering bespoke temperature controls on a per-room basis.
  • Maintaining peak working conditions in operational areas, including staff quarters, reception areas, and break rooms.

All these functions might sound fairly rudimentary and in line with what you would expect from a modern HVAC system. But remember that in the case of hotels, all this needs to go on behind the scenes, with HVAC apparatus and infrastructure hidden from public view so as not to detract from the guest experience. Consequently, this presents a range of challenges unique to the hotel sector.

Key considerations of HVAC systems in hotel settings

As touched on above, the guest-facing nature of hotels raises a number of challenges that can impact the smooth deployment of HVAC systems. That’s why it’s critical that all requirements are properly assessed ahead of any HVAC-related installations or upgrades.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the key areas hoteliers should consider:

  • Hotels must deploy quiet commercial HVAC systems in order to mitigate any impact intrusive noise might have on guest experience.
  • On a similar note, infrastructure changes may be required to hide vents, pipes, ducts, and cabling, ensuring that the system is as discreet and unnoticeable as possible.
  • Reliability is, of course, key to ensuring sufficient heating, hot water, and ventilation, particularly in areas with high-energy demands like spa facilities. Any issues and downtime could cause temporary closures, so a robust and reliable system backed up by on-demand support is critical.
  • Since even the smallest boutique hotels require a robust, multi-room HVAC system, capacity, performance, and efficiency are also critical. Hoteliers must ensure that the system has the capacity to service the entire building efficiently.

Typical apparatus required in hotel HVAC systems

Multiple highly energy-efficient commercial boilers are required to sufficiently heat hotels and to ensure a consistent supply of hot water. JLA provide a wide variety of wall-mounted and floor-standing boilers in different sizes and configurations to meet the specific needs of hotel premises.

Recent boiler innovations, including remote two-way data access, allow faults to be identified and rectified much sooner. As such, it’s highly recommended that hotels upgrade to the latest technology, for improved performance, efficiency, and peace of mind.

Air handling units
Air handling units (AHU) are recommended in large hotels with a significant number of rooms, corridors, and public spaces. These HVAC systems purify, condition and circulate air, helping to reduce allergens, remove bacteria, eliminate odours, and prevent problems humidity-related problems, including mould and damp.

JLA offers integrated AHU systems specifically designed for hotels and other high-occupancy organisations. Rather than singular units, our innovative AHU solutions are grouped together, with discreet ductwork helping to circulate air through multiple rooms. Our state-of-the-art air handling units can be placed outside, simplifying maintenance while reducing the risk of disruption when maintenance is required.

Commercial air conditioning systems
Air conditioning systems can enhance the guest experience during the warm summer months or when humidity is likely to cause discomfort. They’re an ideal solution in kitchens and restaurants where ambient temperatures can rise significantly, as well as in busy communal areas – including function rooms and foyers – with a large volume of people.

Once viewed as a nice-to-have rather than a necessity; guests now expect commercial air conditioning to be present in most British hotels, particularly those popular with holidaying families during the summer months.

Partner with JLA

At JLA, we provide free consultations and site assessments to hotels, partnering with you to recommend the best HVAC solutions for your premises.

Our HVAC experts will suggest state-of-the-art equipment from leading manufacturers like Viessman and Mitsubishi, before managing the design, installation, and ongoing servicing of these systems. Plus, with JLA Total Care, you get the assurance of a nationwide network of highly skilled engineers, available at a moment’s notice to deal with equipment faults – for minimal downtime and disruption.

For more information and to learn more about our HVAC services, call our expert team today at JLA.

Pavyllon London Unveil Its Debut Festive Offering for 2023

Pavyllon London, located in Four Seasons Hotel London at Park Lane, is excited to unveil its first ever festive offering for 2023, bringing Chef Yannick’s signature French flair to the heart of Mayfair, with modern classics to celebrate the season.

Guests can mark the joyous occasion of the holiday season with specially curated menus on Christmas Eve for dinner, and on Christmas Day with a hearty breakfast offering followed by a decadent Christmas Lunch, immersing in Chef Yannick’s visionary take on festive favourites. On Boxing Day, guests can enjoy a leisurely festive brunch, and on New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day the celebrations continue with feasting menus designed to mark the occasion with loved ones, all backed by the melodic sounds of a live band and vibrant DJ.

What's on the Menu

The new offering at Pavyllon London offers a modern take on rich, hearty dishes that spark joy and set the celebratory tone over the festive period:

  • Christmas Eve Dinner: This set menu features delicate Scallop Carpaccio with Black Winter truffle and Roasted Duck Breast with Perigourdine Sauce and Foie Gras
  • Christmas Morning: Begin the day’s festivities with dishes including a new take on classics; Egg Imperial with Oscietra Caviar, and Lobster Croque Monsieur
  • Christmas Day Lunch: Indulge with the main event, including Guinea Fowl Supreme complimented with Black Truffle Gnocchi, and a warming, sweet finish of Roasted Chestnut with Brandy Ice Cream on this special set menu
  • Festive Brunch: On 26th December guests can enjoy dishes such as Chef Yannick’s famous “Badaboom” Organic Egg with Oscietra Caviar, complimented by a fitting Modern Eggnog
  • New Year’s Eve Dinner: This set menu features a light Black Truffle Salad and Beef Fillet Rossini
  • New Year’s Day Brunch: Guests will start 2024 in style with a special set menu, including inviting dishes such as a Black Truffle B.L.T, Caviar Nigiri and delicate festive pastries.

Reservations are now being accepted, and the team looks forward to welcoming guests to celebrate the festive season at Pavyllon London.

For bookings, please visit the website:

To stay updated on restaurant news and offerings, follow @pavyllonlondon on social media.

About Chef Yannick Alléno 

Chef Yannick Alléno is widely regarded as one of the world's finest chefs, holding 15 Michelin stars across his 17 global restaurants, found in the likes of Paris, Dubai, Monaco, Seoul and Courchevel. Since the beginning of his career, he has become known for his reinvention of Modern French cuisine with dishes rooted in French gastronomy but taking inspiration from modern techniques and seasonal ingredients. His three restaurants in Pavillon Ledoyen hold six stars – three at Alléno Paris, two at L’Abysse and one at Pavyllon – making it the most star-rated independent establishment in the world. His restaurant Le 1947 at Cheval Blanc in Courchevel, also holds three Michelin stars.

About Four Seasons Hotel Park Lane 

Four Seasons Hotel London at Park Lane is at the heart – and at the very start of the Four Seasons story. As the first Four Seasons hotel to open outside of Canada in 1970, it was a blueprint for a new definition of luxury.  Situated in the iconic city of London and surrounded by the capital’s greenery, most famous sights and coveted shopping streets, it seamlessly balances award-winning design with the city’s high notes, offering up views of Hyde Park from its sun-drenched rooms. Whilst its rooftop spa is a light-filled sanctuary with sensory treatments to rejuvenate and relax its guests. Leaders in customer excellence, Four Seasons Hotel London at Park.


Four Seasons Hotel London at Park Lane unveils its festive décor for 2023, with an enchanted forest of chandeliers in the lobby of the luxury Mayfair address to celebrate the holiday season. Guests will experience the ultimate arrival experience, stepping into the Hotel to wander through a unique, captivating forest of chandeliers adorned with over 10,000 sparkling crystals.

The display is the icing on the Christmas cake for the hotel’s festivities names ‘Let There Be Light and Love’ ,with the lobby experience designed in partnership with British artist, florist and sculptor Ruth Davis of All For Love London. The unique display creates a showstopping art installation capturing the feeling of celebration at Christmas, with each crystal representing wintery icicles and snow. By day the chandeliers illuminate and reflect the crisp, bright winter mornings and by night, the lobby is transformed into a glowing stage of twinkling lights contrasting the Mayfair nights - both setting the scene for an extraordinary festive experience at Park Lane,

Ruth comments “It’s a pleasure to once again collaborate with Four Seasons Hotel London at Park Lane to create something magical for the festive seasons. This one-of-a-kind installation sparks warm feelings of celebration with loved ones and togetherness. Nothing is quite as magical and luxurious as a perfectly lit chandelier, and this reflects the magic and charm of Christmas at Four Seasons.

Guests will have the opportunity to continue the holiday celebrations at the hotel through exceptional festive dining experiences, winter warming spa treatments, and unforgettable stays with signature Four Seasons touches, this Christmas.

For more information on this festive season at Four Seasons Hotel London at Park Lane, please visit the Christmas landing page of the website here, and for festive videos and highlights visit our Instagram.


About Four Seasons Hotel London at Park Lane

Four Seasons Hotel London at Park Lane is at the heart – and at the very start of the Four Seasons story. As the first Four Seasons hotel to open outside of Canada in 1970, it was a blueprint for a new definition of luxury.  Situated in the iconic city of London and surrounded by the capital’s greenery, most famous sights and coveted shopping streets, it seamlessly balances award-winning design with the city’s high notes, offering up views of Hyde Park from its sun-drenched rooms. Whilst its rooftop spa is a light-filled sanctuary with sensory treatments to rejuvenate and relax its guests. Leaders in customer excellence, Four Seasons Hotel London at Park Lane creates a sense of home and belonging for its guests through recognition, connection and personalisation.

RoomRaccoon announces first integration with self-service kiosk solution Roommatik

RoomRaccoon’s global users can benefit from a direct API integration with Roommatik for a fully automated check-in kiosk.

RoomRaccoon, the leading hotel management system for independent hotels, today announced its integration with Roommatik, a premier self-service kiosk solution for the hospitality industry. This is the first kiosk integration available to RoomRaccoon users, revolutionizing the guest experience and empowering hoteliers with a 24/7 open front desk.

The two-way integration facilitates the seamless exchange of vital guest data, including check-in and check-out information, room availability, and billing details, from RoomRaccoon's PMS to Roommatik's kiosk, all in real-time. By incorporating additional services such as upselling and room upgrades, hoteliers can transform Roommatik into a 24/7 service provider, enhancing the overall guest journey and increasing revenue. 

“At Roommatik, we take pride in offering highly adaptable kiosks that cater to the unique requirements of each establishment in the hospitality industry. We are proud to team up with RoomRaccoon to take hotel operations to the next level. This partnership seamlessly integrates to deliver an enhanced, innovative, and personalized experience for guests,” says Juan Vila, CEO of Roommatik. 

“This is a valuable new addition to the RoomRaccoon Marketplace,” says Steven Reffin, Head of Partnerships at RoomRaccoon. “The integration empowers boutique hotels operating with a smaller team to provide a 24/7 open front desk without physically being on-site. This is a game-changer for small hotels where operating a full-time front desk is not viable due to the huge personnel costs. What’s more, Roommatik's kiosk solution supports an impressive array of 21 different languages, ensuring that language barriers are a thing of the past."

The RoomRaccoon and Roommatik integration is available to hoteliers worldwide.  


About Roommatik

Established in 2000, Roommatik, headquartered in Vigo, Spain, stands at the forefront of technological innovation in the hospitality sector. With a global presence and a commitment to excellence, Roommatik offers a cutting-edge solution to meet the diverse needs of the modern hospitality industry. The state-of-the-art kiosks are designed to accommodate guests from around the world, boasting support for 21 different languages.


About RoomRaccoon

RoomRaccoon is an award-winning Hotel Management System trusted by thousands of independent properties across the globe. RoomRaccoon’s cloud-based platform empowers hoteliers with a category-redefining, comprehensive range of products and solutions to increase revenue, streamline operations, and enhance the guest experience. And with over 400 integrations, RoomRaccoon is one of the most connected solutions on the market. Founded in 2017 by a hotel owner and tech entrepreneur, RoomRaccoon was awarded the Best Hotel Management System in the World by Hotel Tech Report in 2020 and 2021. 


For more information, visit


Press release issued by:

Lindsay Krause, Senior Brand Manager, RoomRaccoon


Pre-filled plant-based reusable water bottle company, Bottle Up, is proud to partner with Millennium Hotels and Resorts help eliminate single-use plastics from sites across the UK.

Revolutionary brand, Bottle Up (, has partnered with Millennium Hotels & Resorts to provide its reusable, sustainable, plant-based, BPA-free, pre-filled reusable water bottles to guests of its hotels. Those enjoying a stay in Millennium & Copthorne Hotels at Chelsea Football Club are each given a Stone Blue Bottle Up bottle on arrival. Millennium Gloucester Hotel London Kensington, Copthorne Tara Hotel Kensington and Copthorne Hotel Manchester Salford Quays have Stone Blue and Red Bottles available for corporate events. With around 100 being handed out every day, guests are encouraged to refill their bottles in the hotels using the newly installed water refill stations from water systems partner, Culligan.

The water refill stations house a bottle refill counter displaying the total number of bottles that have been sustainably refilled, designed to encourage guests to embrace refilling and reusing their bottles. The hotel group has already installed ten refill stations across four locations and has a further three in production to be installed across two additional further hotels. The Culligan refill station placed in the Millennium and Copthorne Hotels at Chelsea Football Club has already refilled 48,686 bottles since being installed in February 2023.

Made in Wolverhampton, Bottle Up turns renewable sugar cane sourced from Brazilian grasslands into durable, sustainable bottles which are then filled with pure British spring water from Elmhurst in Staffordshire for minimum carbon impact.

Bottle Up Co-Founder, Andrew Eversden said, “The use of Bottle Up bottles and installation of fountains across multiple locations within the Millennium Hotels and Resorts group is a hugely positive step in the hospitality industry. Too many hotels are still only offering their guests single-use bottled water, but Millennium Hotels and Resorts has now demonstrated that hotels can be at the forefront of change and sustainability. We’re really pleased that the hotel group has already implemented a sustainable approach to hydrating guests and has committed to installing yet more fountains across additional venues in the coming months.”

Senior Sales and Marketing Manager at Millennium and Copthorne at Chelsea Football Club, Sharmilla Franke said, "Bottle Up offers a seamless blend of style and functionality to our guests. The sleek design is practical in everyday use and the bottle, crafted from eco-friendly materials, is aligned with Millennium Hotels and Resorts’ commitment to sustainability. Since we started putting these bottles in every guest room, we have collectively saved an impressive 112,00 plastic bottles. Working with the Bottle Up team has been a highly positive experience. From the initial stages of communication to the final delivery, their team has consistently demonstrated professionalism, expertise, and a genuine commitment to customer satisfaction".

Culligan UK Managing Director, Mike Ryall said: “Joining forces with Bottle Up to introduce sustainable water fountains into Millennium Hotels and Resorts hotels marks a pivotal step in our commitment to championing eco-conscious initiatives. Through this partnership, Culligan is thrilled to offer guests an accessible and environmentally friendly hydration solution, aligning with our dedication to fostering sustainable practices in the hospitality industry.”


Today it was announced that the first rooms at The White Horse, Dorking are now available to book for guests visiting Dorking from 1st April onwards.

Heartwood Inns confirmed that the 13th Century coaching inn, with 56 characterful bedrooms, will be reopening at the end of in early Spring having undergone an extensive refurbishment.

The historic Grade II listed building in the heart of Dorking’s medieval high street is currently undergoing a £3m refurbishment which will see the renovation of the 56 bedrooms, the creation of a cosy and vibrant local pub to the front of the inn, an atmospheric dining room with over 100 covers and a delightful courtyard garden terrace for al fresco dining and drinking. Rooms and dining reservations are now live for guests visiting from April onwards.

At The White Horse, guests will be able to choose from a range of rooms from a Snug room up to a Really Fancy room with pricing starting from £100 per night for a midweek stay. Guests can expect a range of lovely features in each of the individually designed rooms including tasty baked treats on arrival, rainfall shower and Bramley bathroom products, Illy coffee machine, stylish Roberts radio and personal touches in line with Heartwood’s signature warm and quirky style. The inn will offer a seasonal, sustainable menu in line with Heartwood’s three star rating from The Sustainable Restaurant Association and an extensive drinks list including local wine and beers.

This launch of rooms bookings marks the start of a new chapter for Heartwood Inns. The White Horse is the Group’s first pub with rooms under its ambitious plans to grow to over 60 sites by 2027 with a turnover of £133m. Heartwood has already confirmed three other “pubs with rooms” sites are to open in 2024. The other sites with rooms are:

  • The Rope & Anchor, Emsworth - Summer 2024
  • The Coat & Bear, Summer 2024
  • The White Hart, Lewes - Autumn 2024

Richard Ferrier, Managing Director, Heartwood Collection, said: “We are delighted to have reached this milestone with the release of rooms bookings at The White Horse, Dorking. It marks the start of what will be a year of significant growth for the business. With three further pubs with rooms scheduled to open in 2024 and two further pubs also lined up, our plans for growth remain firmly on track. We hope guests will love the rooms at The White Horse and we look forward to re-opening this historic inn in the heart of beautiful Dorking.”

Stay up to date with the latest news at

For more information on Heartwood Inns please visit

For more information on Heartwood Collection please visit


LONDON: Bathrooms at Hotel Gotham will now smell of BULLSHIT as they announce their new guest amenity partner, British fragrance house, IIUVO. In a world first, the IIUVO BULLSHIT hotel collection will adorn Hotel Gotham’s opulent vanities and is sure to spark conversation and surprise amongst Hotel Gotham’s guests. The IIUVO BULLSHIT hotel collection is exclusively distributed by VANITY GROUP, one of the world’s leading suppliers of designer guest amenities.

Hotel Gotham have been doing things differently since they opened in 2015. Set in an iconic Grade II listed building designed by Edward Lutyens, it’s hard to ignore with its grand architecture, noir-esque interiors, and pin stripe uniforms – a nod to the banking past of the building. The hotel has a distinctly mischievous attitude and lavish feel with rich leather furnishings, gold accents and unique inner sanctum suites where you can play out your darkest desires.

IIUVO is the realization of a creative partnership between friends, Tomi Ahmed, an artist, and Leo Gibbon, a Music Producer and DJ. IIUVO approach fragrance from a multisensory angle, creating a narrative layer by layer interspersing their emotions and memories through the scent. Uniquely, each fragrance is accompanied by curated playlists and art or extensive photo boards creating an immersive and threedimensional experience.

It's no surprise that BULLSHIT was created to evoke a reaction and open a dialogue. Originally launched as a candle in 2016 and released as an Eau de Parfum in 2020, BULLSHIT challenges the tired narratives and marketing so often deployed in the beauty and fragrance industries. The vulgar and shocking name is juxtaposed by a grand and luxurious fragrance with a deep musky base, rich floral heart, and top notes of tangerine, grapefruit and Sichuan pepper.

The BULLSHIT hotel collection is housed in signature black 400ml refillable bottles that contain ocean-bound material salvaged from at risk waterways and complement the decadent rooms of Hotel Gotham. Guests will be able to purchase the BULLSHIT fragrance and candles at the hotel, taking home a memory of their stay.

Mario Ovsenjak, General Manager of Hotel Gotham has said of the partnership: “We are delighted to be introducing IIUVO BULLSHIT as our new guest cosmetics partner. IIUVO’s fearless approach to fragrance was the natural choice for us – we look forward to our guests discovering BULLSHIT during their stay.”

Tomi Ahmed and Leo Gibbons of IIUVO added:

“Hotel Gotham are confident in their identity and not afraid to push boundaries. They were exactly the kind of hotel we were looking for to launch the BULLSHIT hotel collection. We look forward to growing this partnership with them.”

With both known for their unconventional viewpoints, IIUVO BULLSHIT is the perfect partner, mirroring Hotel Gotham’s distinctive and exuberant approach seamlessly and further enhancing their guests’ experience.


About Hotel Gotham

Hotel Gotham is a luxury 5* hotel in central Manchester. Housed in the former Midland Banka, it takes advantage of its rich history with an exclusive club in the counting room and subterranean private function rooms in the old vaults. Hotel Gotham brings the luxury and opulence of the 1920s to the 2020s with bold design features, generously furnished and spacious rooms, and an 2 AA rosette award winning British fine dining restaurant, Honey. Hotel Gotham is perfectly positioned for a luxury escape, being a stone’s throw away from designer stores, Manchester Art Gallery, and the city’s finest dining spots.


IIUVO, meaning to delight or gratify, is a fine fragrance house that exists within an eco-system of music, visuals, and experiences. With no classical training in fragrance making, they begin each fragrance with memories and music layering multiple notes to create luxurious and nuanced scents accompanied by their own audio and visual creations. IIUVO frequently collaborates with artists of multiple disciplines including Stefan Bruggemann and Madonna. IIUVO is stocked in luxury stores worldwide and online.



VANITY GROUP is a global cosmetics market leader, established in 2011 with an Australian entrepreneurial spirit. VANITY GROUP provides an ensemble of licensed cosmetic brands whilst focusing on the design, development, manufacture, and marketing of luxury guest cosmetics products.

With offices located in London, Sydney, Dubai, and Shanghai, VANITY GROUP comprises of advanced research and creative laboratories, ultra-modern manufacturing facilities, an in-house master design studio and an extensive warehousing and distribution network in over 75 countries. VANITY GROUP are creators of everything beautiful and masters of storytelling through visual design, fragrances and scents that create emotional connections around the world. VANITY GROUP is a company of choice to hotel groups around the globe.

BC SoftWear tackles sustainability, one bathrobe at a time

The hospitality industry remains focused on seeking new ways to meet sustainability targets and become ever more environmentally friendly, according to BC SoftWear.

New figures released by the leading towelling supplier reveal that almost half (45%) the bathrobes selected by hotels in 2023 were from its eco-friendly SupremeSoft range, compared to just 17% in 2019. BC SoftWear’s energy saving ranges – SupremeSoft and SmartKnit – now equate to 20% of turnover; this figure was just 8% in 2019.

A string of high-end Irish hotels have selected BC SoftWear’s eco-friendly SupremeSoft range this year, in a clear demonstration of this increased commitment to sustainability, including carbon neutral hotel and SEAI Energy Awards winner, The Falls in County Clare.

Ballygarry Hotel and Spa in County Kerry, Ashford Castle and Westport Plaza, both in County Mayo and Killarney Park Hotel in Killarney have also opted for BC SoftWear’s SupremeSoft bathrobes, towels or spa linens, which offer up to 70% less energy use and 10% less water consumption during laundering, as well as a 31% quicker drying time.

Teresa Dalton, Ireland Country Manager at BC SoftWear, says: “The hospitality industry is laser focused on seeking out new ways to meet sustainability targets, without compromising on luxury. Increasingly, BC SoftWear is becoming the go-to for high-end hotels that want to be environmentally conscious, drive down carbon emissions and focus on sustainability as a core business objective. Take The Falls in County Clare, which is in the Cliffs of Moher & Burren UNESCO Geopark. It reduced its carbon emission from over 700 tonnes in 2016 to 56 tonnes in 2021 and, as a certified carbon neutral hotel, has opted for biodegradable slippers, flip flops and our SupremeSoft robes to contribute towards reducing this even further.”

The standout sustainable advantage of BC SoftWear’s SupremeSoft range comes from the reduced cotton content. While cotton offers ultimate luxury it absorbs a significant amount of water during laundering, which extends drying times. By minimising its use, BC SoftWear’s robes and towels not only dry more quickly but also enhance a hotel’s energy efficiency, supporting a more environmentally friendly approach to luxury.

The uniqueness of SupremeSoft is it uses knitted technology rather than traditional weaving. This means robes are soft cotton on the inside and a luxury polyester velour finish on the outside, allowing for maximum comfort while reducing water absorption and drying times.

The Proposers: The UK's leading Proposal Planners! 

I'm Henry, and I lead a double life. By day, I'm immersed in the world of marketing and social media at BT. By night (or any time of day for that matter!) I get to plan one of the most heart-warming moments in people's lives - proposals. As I celebrate my rapidly approaching 100th proposal with The Proposers - Proposal & Romantic Event Planning, I've taken a moment to reflect on this remarkable journey.

A Humble Beginning

It all started on a cold November day in 2021 when I joined The Proposers for what was supposed to be a four-week placement, just to lend a hand in the lead up to the hectic Christmas season. Little did I know that this 'temporary' gig would evolve into a thrilling two-year adventure. The magic of creating unforgettable moments for couples captured my heart, and I decided to stay on the freelancer list while continuing my full-time role at BT.

Setting the Stage for Love

One of the most exciting aspects of this journey has been setting up proposals for a few well-known clients, including an unforgettable fake proposal setup for DJ and music producer Tom Zanetti, which was then featured in one of his music videos. I couldn't have fathomed being in the same room as Tom Zanetti, let alone showering him with rose petals!

My work with the proposers has taken me to new heights (quite literally) with our primary base of operations within London’s Shangri-La The Shard, London. But  I've had the pleasure of orchestrating love stories at other iconic locations such as the Sky Garden, London Eye and the famous Tower Bridge. I’ve even dabbled in some TV show filming locations this year too; the beautiful Greenwich Park, Barry Island in Wales (well known as the setting for Gavin & Stacey), the Swiss ski resort Villars-sur-Ollon, and the picturesque Burgh Island in Devon, which has been featured in various tv documentaries, dramas, and films.

Lights, Camera, Love

In May 2023, our journey took an unexpected and exhilarating turn as we began filming for a long-awaited, three-part Channel 4 TV series. Never did I ever think I'd be part of such an adventure when I joined The Proposers as a part-time, temporary team member in 2021. The adrenaline rush and excitement of being part of this project are beyond words, and I can't wait for the world to see it when it airs early 2024. Here's to hoping for a second series!

The Unforgettable Yes

One of the most common questions I'm asked is, "Has anyone ever said no?" I'm thrilled to say that in all the proposals I've set up, I’ve never received that dreaded response. I like to think of it as a personal compliment - I've played a small role in making these special moments unforgettable, and it is incredibly rewarding.

Logistical Marvels

The proposal-planning world isn't all romance and candlelight. I've had my fair share of logistical challenges, including setting up as many as three proposals in one night. Anat (my colleague/living legend at The Proposers) and I even tackled the Herculean task of orchestrating all three proposals at the Shangri-La, one in a private event space, one dining in the sky experience, and one bedroom proposal setup, all on my very first day! It was a whirlwind start to say the least, but it's a testament to our team's dedication and precision that everything usually goes off without a hitch.

A Decade of Love

I was fortunate enough to be a part of The Proposers during a significant milestone – the celebration of our 10th anniversary back in February 2022. Being part of a team who've planned over 5,000 (and counting) proposals to date, with a decade of love-filled moments under its belt is truly something special.

Sharing the Love

As much as I love creating proposals, I'm equally passionate about sharing these heart-warming moments through social media. You can often find me joining in on their TikTok trends or sharing the magic on their Instagram. It's a way to spread the love and inspire others to create unforgettable moments for their loved ones.

Working with The Proposers has not only led to lifelong friendships but also allowed me to explore places I might never have discovered otherwise. So as I celebrate my 100th proposal with The Proposers, I want to thank everyone who has been a part of this incredible journey. It's been an honour to play a role in so many love stories, and I can't wait to see what the next 100 proposals will bring.

For those who are wanting to pop the question, follow this link.

For those who are wanting to follow myself and the proposers on Instagram, follow this link.

And finally, for those who want some inspiration and a good laugh, follow this TikTok link.


With love and endless gratitude,

Henry – a very busy guy who loves love <3