Specialists in commercial cooling and freezing, German manufacturer Liebherr, has continued to lead the refrigeration sector for over 65 years

Independently run by the second and third generations of the Liebherr family, the company has and continues to be driven by technological innovation, manufacturing and design, specialising in aerospace, construction, hospitality and refrigeration.

It is this expertise that allows Liebherr to remain at the industry forefront. Its extensive range of commercial refrigeration appliances, including its recently launched cooling counters and wine fridges, are made by professionals for professionals. 

Liebherr understands that appliances specified for foodservice and hospitality need to provide exceptional refrigeration and freezing performance, whilst also offering a generous amount of space-efficient storage. One of the most important factors to consider with refrigeration manufacturing is the monitoring of these appliances. The integration of smart technology allows professionals to not only ensure food is kept fresh, but crucially, safe. 

The HACCP-compliant electronic control system allows for accurate temperature setting. The easy-to-use controller includes a smart energy-saving defrost, which defrosts only when and for as long as required; while the digital interface enables connection to external temperature logging software. For further peace of mind, the integrated data logger records and stores the min/max interior temperatures. In case of temperature deviations, caused by a door that is left open for example, the controller triggers a visual and audible door alarm that allows users to react promptly and protect their products. 

Built to withstand even the most demanding work environments, Liebherr appliances offer all the advantages that matter in professional applications: compliant with requirements for optimum food hygiene, high-quality components, maximum net volume, efficient refrigerating capacity, reliable temperature consistency and very easy cleaning. Most of all, Liebherr appliances stand out due to their low power consumption and maximum efficiency. 

With sustainability a top priority across the business, Liebherr is making impressive sector strides for a greener future. With a long-term ambition to improve the circular economy for white goods, its recent launch of BluRoX is a global industry-first. It is the first freezer collection to include recyclable vacuum perlite technology, which enables the re-use of all components and sets a new standard for energy-efficient insulation. This commitment to sustainable innovation is what sets Liebherr apart from its competitors whilst offering professionals and consumers more environmental and cost-effective refrigeration solutions.