In an exclusive interview with David Bone, Foodservice Channel Manager at Weetabix we explore the range and how it can help your venue’s breakfast offering stand out.

How can using Weetabix help a venue’s breakfast offering stand out? 

The Weetabix Food Company is the maker of the nation’s favourite breakfast cereal. One in three households throughout the UK enjoys Weetabix or a Weetabix Food Company product as part of their breakfast routine. This nationwide popularity makes Weetabix a must-stock in the hotel industry. Success in hospitality is all about delivering customer satisfaction, and with only 3% of consumers changing their cereal when away from home, it’s important to have the nation’s favourite breakfast on offer. 

How does the range appeal to a variety of guests? 

Weetabix is proud of its ability to cater for the whole family. Aside from enjoying an iconic classic Weetabix breakfast, our extensive foodservice portfolio means guests of all ages will find the perfect way to start their day. 

For those looking for a light, refreshing breakfast, our Alpen muesli portion packs are full of flavour, fibre and low in saturated fats. Our portion pack Ready brek is also a great breakfast option for children and adults alike looking for a warming and smooth breakfast. For those looking to get up and seize the day, our Weetabix On The Go breakfast drinks can be enjoyed by guests who are keen to be out exploring new destinations. Throughout 2023, Weetabix will be adding even more delicious products to its foodservice portfolio.

There is a consumer demand for wellness, how does Weetabix work in line with this? 

Weetabix has proudly been delivering healthy, nutritious breakfasts to the nation for over 90 years – we were compliant before compliance was even invented! Weetabix Original is low in fat, salt, sugar and a source of protein and high in fibre. 

In line with the growing need for sustainability, how does Weetabix enhance this? 

Sustainability is in our DNA, and something we are very passionate about. As of this month, all of our packaging is now 100% recyclable. We have signed a new contract for renewable green electricity up until October 2025 and we have a rolling programme of replacing and upgrading our infrastructure across our manufacturing facilities where it will help drive efficiencies. By capturing and reusing condensate, we now save over 5 million litres of water per year. We’ve also had a zero waste to landfill record since 2015.

How can our readers work with Weetabix? 

Whether it’s the breakfast buffet, meeting rooms and conferences or vending and in-room amenities, Weetabix’s range of tasty, healthy cereals and drinks will meet your needs. Get in touch and talk to us by emailing us at: