Elevating the guest experience with Difference Coffee: A review piece by our Editor, Jade Evans.

Difference Coffee, a brand that’s redefining the art of coffee consumption. Although a fan of coffee, I wouldn’t necessarily describe myself as a fervent coffee enthusiast, but after this experience, I certainly feel like one. I recently had the pleasure of diving into the world of Difference Coffee, and I must say, it’s an experience worth savouring.

I met the passionate team behind the brand at one of their partner venues – none other than London’s The Dorchester. Instantly, the setting – at a central table in The Grill by Tom Booton – confirmed that I was in for a treat.

Difference Coffee isn’t your average coffee brand; it’s a connoisseur’s dream come true. Their dedication to sourcing the finest, rarest, and most exclusive coffees from around the globe is evident from the moment you take your first sip. Each cup promises an unparalleled journey through flavour profiles that tantalise the taste buds and awaken the senses.

The first coffee we tried came with no introduction; Amir simply asked me to try it and let him know exactly what I thought. “It tastes rich with a hint of caramel,” I said. Amir’s eyes lit up and he smirked as he replied, “that’s our decaf coffee.” I couldn’t believe it! Never have I experienced a decaf coffee so full of depth. The flavour of the specialty grade Guatemalan coffee was well-rounded yet sweet making it impossible to distinguish from a non-decaf.

The second sample was a yellow bourbon from Brazil, which had an even deeper profile than the decaf. This time around it wasn’t as sweet; I got bitter notes, but not in a bad way. There was a hint of smokiness in the flavour, and although strong, it didn’t leave an unpleasant aftertaste which is rare. With this, we tasted two pastries from the restaurant’s breakfast menu, the double baked croissant with matcha, strawberry and pistachio and the coffee and cream pain au chocolate that is infused with Difference Coffee. Wow – it is remarkable how much the coffee elevated the flavours in the pastries; a truly sublime breakfast experience.

The sensory journey continued and next was the Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee, my personal favourite. A coffee I could enjoy every morning as it felt ‘easy’ to consume yet so punchy. I think the ease comes from its creaminess paired with the nutty undertones, which remind you it’s a really special product.

We concluded the tasting with something different to any of the three coffees we had already tasted, and any coffee I have ever tasted, in fact. Floral, sweet, herbaceous and juicy are the adjectives I would choose to describe Geisha. The coffee sourced from Panama is a true rarity and actually reminded me of something like an Earl Grey tea, utterly delicious!

As I said, it’s difficult to really understand the power of Difference Coffee’s products until you try it yourself. All I can say is I urge you to get your hands on some as this is hands-down a reliable way to generate first-class reviews and memorable stays for guests at your hotel. If you’re ready to elevate your coffee experience to new heights, look no further.