With wellbeing now centring the offering of many hotels, this exclusive piece shares details on MATIS, a Parisian brand par excellence, one that has built its success on its French art of care, its unique personalised treatments and its institute experience. 

For over 85 years, MATIS has been creating professional, tailor-made beauty treatments that combine product technicality and the art of movements. MATIS Paris is a contemporary brand with a traditional synthesis. A brand that has successfully evolved with trends but always maintained its character and ethos. 

MATIS has built its success on its French art of care, its unique personalised treatments and its institute of experience.  Founded in 1936 Doctor Mavromati a pharmacist who was an expert in ingredients and formulations created his own laboratory. He discovered that products became more effective when combined with a holistic approach to skincare. As a pioneer, he understood that chemistry and science alone were not enough and for a product to work effectively it needed to be combined with sensory and emotional aspects. As he developed these ideas Dr. Mavromati opened his first store in 1946 on Rue Fontaine. 

MATIS formulas are highly concentrated, offering fast results and emphasising on most potent active ingredients (such as Hyaluronic acid, Vitamin C and AHAs) as well as the most precious (such as Caviar). Textures that give pleasure reflect French epicurean tradition. Combined with the beauty therapist, they offer the most receptive treatment conditions, for visible and lasting results. Even without makeup, the skin is radiant, smoother and more resistant to signs of aging. When combined with professional treatments they offer the most outstanding visible and lasting results. MATIS offers formulas adapted to every type of skin problem. Each “Réponse” is therefore unique and personalised, continuing the effectiveness of home skincare.

The MATIS treatment menu is the perfect mirror of the Answers in Solution. MATIS expertise has been at the heart of the cabin, creating professional, tailor-made beauty treatments. A range of bespoke treatments dedicated to global beauty, providing a solution for each skin type, in accordance with the needs of today’s women. 

Entering the world of MATIS treatments is like entering the luxurious world of a Parisian apartment, where the work of materials and the art of French refinement reign. The treatments reflect this image: a perfect balance between technique and sensoriality, where exclusive textures and active ingredients are combined with new manual techniques inspired by facialism. Together, they provide exceptional receptivity and visible efficacy from the very first treatment.

When you compare MATIS to other skin care companies you will see a brand that cares about what goes into their products, a brand that is constantly evolving to ensure it is up to date with knowing and delivering what the consumer is looking for. You also get a brand that is multi-functional, diverse, easily combined to create bespoke treatments and personalised plans for your guests. The technology behind the brand ensures a deliverance through holistic application that cocoons every single client, every single time.

French Beauty Expert business support is on always available with a friendly team that works alongside our accounts as a big family. Offering marketing support in the form of videos, images, social media etc. Motivational challenges, workshops and educational events. Allocated Business Managers dedicated to your business and much more. 

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