With consumer demand for premium serves growing at a rapid pace, in an exclusive and insightful interview with Tom Singleton, Business Director at Franklin & Sons, we delve in to what the brand can bring to the hotel space.

What do Franklin & Sons offer to the hospitality sector?

At Franklin & Sons, we provide a remarkable range of premium tonics, softs, and sodas to compliment all spirits and serves. Our pioneering mixers and softs combine natural flavours and premium ingredients, to deliver innovative, award-winning, and above all great tasting drinks, that turn the ordinary moments into extraordinary ones.

We’re the UK’s leading, truly independent, premium tonic brand – and the second largest premium tonic brand in the UK on-trade overall.1 As an independent brand, we recognise the challenges facing the hospitality industry, and are dedicated to supporting our customers and the wider hospitality community.

The dual-flavours within the range also offer bartenders a simple way to create complex serves. These infuse premium flavour into quick-to-craft three ingredient cocktails, making these far more tantalising to the consumer, and increasing revenue while minimising any strain on service. 

How can Franklin & Sons fit in to an overnight stay venue?

Our refined selection of premium soft drinks only use natural ingredients, to deliver flavourful and refreshing premium alternatives to standard beverages. The range, including the delicately floral, handpicked Hedgerow Elderflower Lemonade, and the citrusy Valencian Orange & Grapefruit, are ideal accompaniments to a bespoke breakfast or conferencing package.

Evening serves are truly where destination elements of the hotel can shine. You can elevate serves with a flavoured tonic, adding an unforgettable twist to a customer’s gin and tonic, or infuse flavour in a classic cocktail with one of our flavoured sodas.

Low ABV serves are popular at this time of year, with more consumers looking towards low and no alcohol alternatives in January. Just 14% choose to go tee-total, however, with more than half (58%) of low and no consumers switching between no/low and full-strength serves on the same occasion2 – providing overnight venues with a huge opportunity to develop unique low ABV cocktails for the start of 2023.

Delicious examples include; white port with a squeeze of lemon, topped with Franklin & Sons Elderflower & Cucumber Tonic Water and garnished with a slice of cucumber. Those who like a bittersweet option may enjoy Campari with a squeeze of orange and Franklin & Sons Grapefruit & Bergamot Tonic Water, garnished with a slice of grapefruit. 

In terms of the benefits for a hotelier, what would these be if they were to stock Franklin & Sons’ products?

Our premium range has been carefully curated to create remarkable serves, with this quality increasing the price that consumers are willing to pay. Franklin & Sons Tonic Water, for example, generates a higher price per litre than Total Fever Tree Tonic.3

A selection of our core products are available in 150ml cans, exclusively to the on-trade. Without availability to consumers elsewhere, these are a unique touch that adds value to a guests stay and are fantastic for driving revenue from in-room bars. 


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