With sustainability at the heart of everything they do, we caught up with the EV charging experts at EVC and found out about the benefits their charging stations offer to a modern hotel business. 

Please introduce the brand and what it strives to achieve.

We make the process of installing EV charging as seamless as possible, from the installation, to the end-user experience. We have dedicated specialists to guide hoteliers through the installation process, advising on the best location or EV bays alongside the optimum charging speed. We also operate a 24-hour support line for users, if they need assistance with their charging.  

How can the installation of your charge points benefit the overall guest experience?

One of the main concerns for EV drivers is range anxiety, which is the worry that their battery will run out before they can find a charging station. Installing EV charging alleviates this concern for guests, as they can be confident that they will be leaving with a full charge. Our chargers are straightforward for the user, and the convenience of having on-site EV charging at your hotel means guests can enjoy their stay whilst their vehicle charges and not have to worry.  

As sustainability continues to grow to become a responsibility, in your expert opinion, why is it important for hoteliers to stay ahead of the curve and how do your charging points work in line with this?

Sustainable practices are becoming an increasingly prevalent trend for businesses as the climate crisis worsens. As we move closer to the ban of new diesel and petrol vehicles in 2030, more people are already making the switch to electric to reduce their carbon footprint. One reason people are wary of making the switch is due to a lack of public infrastructure – installing EV charging helps to combat this as drivers can rest assured that they will have a place to charge, encouraging more people to switch to electric. 

What benefits do your charging points present to the overall hotel business?

The overarching benefit of our charge points for hotels is that they can open your doors to a wider clientele – EV drivers. Having accessible EV charging can be the difference between a guest choosing your hotel or another location, as it is such a valuable amenity for EV drivers. If your charging facilities are also open on the EVC network, there are additional opportunities for increased revenue through the usage of your charge points.

EV charging facilities can be expensive to install and maintain, so EVC offers a fully funded financial solution. This includes ongoing maintenance and management so that hoteliers have one less thing to worry about.