As hotels become more conscious of adding areas to their space in line with the demand for remote working, WiFi and network equipment experts, Castra Solutions, reveal how their offering could boost your hotel business.

Please introduce us to Castra Solutions.

We are the technology supplier equivalent to a boutique hotel.  We provide a very personalised and requirements led service to our customers.  We aim to find our customers the most cost-effective solution that meets their requirements without compromising on quality.  We recognise that their customers, are our customers when it comes to WiFi.  We aim to make their user experience as seamless as possible.  Our WiFi team includes some of the most experienced engineers in the country.  Everyone in the Castra Solution team is incredibly customer focused and we all value every one of our clients.  We keep in touch regularly even after we have completed our installations.

With hotel visitors now conscious of the venue providing a remote working space, tell us how Castra Solutions can make this hassle free.

We ensure that our solutions provide strong enough signal in the areas that people require connectivity.  We configure the WiFi so that it is as easy and seamless to connect as possible as well as being as secure as public WiFi can be.  This could be through providing QR codes for the venue to distribute, integration to their booking systems for Wireless authentication, pre-shared keys etc.  We can even make it possible to monetise the use of WiFi very quickly and easily.  This is often used to provide higher speeds, more security or less filtered WiFi.  Business users will want and need faster, more secure connections, so this can be really useful.

How is the WiFi journey simplified for hoteliers and consumers alike through Castra Solutions?

First and foremost we avoid the non-user friendly login pages that that most venues believe they require to capture customer data for marketing. There are lots of other ways to capture customer data for our clients that doesn’t impact the customer experience as much.  

Providing open WiFi or authentication via pre-shared keys rather than captive portal/login screens for guests, ensures that WiFi is simplified and less clunky.  We also provide QR codes so people can connect without needing to ask for WiFi details. 

How can hotels work with Castra Solutions?

To learn more about our services or to get in touch with one of our representatives, please call us on 0300 124 5005, email us at or visit our website