In the ever-evolving world of hospitality, QR codes are reshaping the way guests dine and settle their bills. In this exclusive interview with Sarfraaz Patel, Chief Executive at Kayana, we explore their user-friendly QR code features, enabling guests to easily order meals from their own devices.

By simply scanning a unique QR code located in rooms or on restaurant tables, guests can access a variety of dining options, customise orders, and place them with a few taps on their smartphones or tablets. The innovative technology also allows guests to pay and split the bill with ease; empowering customers with autonomy over their payments, reducing wait times and simplifying the checkout process.


How can QR code ordering elevate a hotel business?

Guests can instantly access menus and place orders without direct interaction by scanning a QR code. We take pride in our expertise as self-service specialists and understand the importance of seamlessly integrating technology into your hotel operations, ensuring the utmost satisfaction for both you and your guests.


As businesses introducing QR code payment continue to rise, why must hotel businesses keep up to speed with this trend?

Embracing modern ordering and payment methods provides guests convenience especially for hotel room service ordering. The traditional practice of calling an operator is time-consuming and outdated. It is crucial to keep pace with the evolving technology and meet the expectations of the modern traveller. Utilising QR code ordering not only saves customers time but also eliminates mistakes in order taking.


Please explain the benefits of QR code ordering for efficiency and simplifying the bill’s splitting process.

Smartphones have become ubiquitous, enabling various functionalities such as scanning QR codes, accessing menus, making payments, and even splitting bills with your partner. Contrasting traditional methods, these inefficiencies become apparent: customers searching for menus, explaining their order to an operator, enduring lengthy wait times for food, and encountering issues with payment, such as insufficient change or malfunctioning card machines. All of these instances represent valuable time wasted. Guests tend to order more knowing the person on the other line is not judging them, or they cannot pronounce the dish’s name. On average, self-service increases order value by 15%


How can the QR code be introduced in the room?

Introducing QR code technology is simple with Kayana, we have a proven and reliable technology model that works effectively. Generating unique QR codes for each room, table, or section, we provide the kitchen staff with valuable information about order placements and their respective destinations. We are so confident in our offering that we provide a 30-day trial period.


Experience the convenience and efficiency of Kayana’s QR code solution for yourself!