How do you achieve your sustainability goals and elevate the customer experience at the same time? EcoPure Waters provides a smart solution in filtered water and reusable glass bottles that can also carry the venue artwork, delivering premium, chilled water without the plastic, transport, and waste and we have all the details.

EcoPure Waters recently refreshed its leadership with Nick Hargrave joining as CEO. With over twenty years of background in finance, alongside running multimillion pound marketing agencies, Nick brings with him a sharp eye for commercial innovation and an acute understanding of the market headwinds and trends that EcoPure Waters’ customers are facing right now.

EcoPure Waters has broken away from the traditional ‘blue’ branding that is usually associated with water brands and has embraced its 30 years of ‘eco’ heritage by focusing on green and gold. Fantastically Filtered is the new strap line with Fantastically Fitted and Fantastically Focused pillars that better signpost the high-quality engineering and world class customer service that you receive when you partner with the brand.

“The real value for our clients is the branding and messaging opportunity from our personalised, branded bottles.”

EcoPure Waters is trusted by leading venues including Cromlix, Grantley Hall, The Gilpin Hotel & Lake House, IHG Kimpton Fitzroy, Marriott London Heathrow, The Harper and The Headland Hotel. The new branding and leadership are the start of a series of progressive moves and innovations the company are set to make over the coming months and years. We sat down with Nick Hargrave to discuss his move and the future of the business.

Why did you join EcoPure Waters?

EcoPure Waters is a family-owned business and I have known one of the founding families for decades. After a career in corporate finance and private equity, I found that I enjoyed the tangibility of the operational challenge more than advisory. When the opportunity arose to be involved with a company focused on sustainability and hospitality it was almost too good to be true. It has been so much fun working with the brilliant and dedicated team at EcoPure Waters, and meeting so many exceptional and supportive clients.

What is EcoPure Water’s point of difference?

Customer service has always been industry leading at EcoPure Waters, but this is now our number one, two and three priority. It is hospitality – customer service is the beginning and the end. We don’t view ourselves as engineering suppliers, we are instead focused on delivering the end-user experience that our customers’ customers expect.

Every venue is different, with different needs and different styles – one solution doesn’t fit all and so we are increasingly providing bespoke services. We don’t see problems; we see opportunities for solutions.

When our client told us they preferred bottles, we didn’t supply, we sourced, tested and printed the ones they wanted. When another client wanted a free-standing guest filling station on every floor, we designed and engineered a solution.

We have more innovations on the way that we can’t wait to unveil. Feedback is a gift and we are therefore always listening to our customers and trying to anticipate their needs. 

How important is sustainability to your business?

It’s the key driver of our business. While the sustainability credentials of our solutions appear self-evident – we ship reusable bottles once, cutting out daily/weekly transport, waste collection and the carbon footprint of recycling – when we ran the analysis, we found the numbers are astonishing. There is rightly a huge focus on reducing plastic bottles, but the carbon footprint of single use glass bottles is even more eye-opening. The difference between the carbon footprint of our solutions vs. single use bottles is multiples, not percentages.

It isn’t just improving the sustainability for clients; it’s living it ourselves. We are looking at all the marginal gains. We have swapped the plastic wrapping tape we used on shipments for paper tape. We are introducing new filters that are part of a closed loop system, so they are recycled and re-used. We have migrated everything we can to the cloud and digital processes, clearing out filing cabinets to discourage paper printing as much as possible.

How does EcoPure Waters truly add value to its customers?

In a world of ever-increasing cost and inflation for our clients, the cost savings with our solutions are also an enormous benefit. We recently heard from a client with net savings of over £90,000 and 1.2 tonnes of plastic in the first year of implementing our system. Other than at very low volumes, when we run the cost comparison analysis the numbers keep dropping out squarely in the no-brainer category.

But it isn’t just the cost savings and sustainability that drive our customers’ choices. Sustainability is almost a ‘hygiene factor’ these days – there’s increasingly no excuse to not be doing everything you can. Driving efficiencies and cost savings are business as usual for any enterprise. 

The real value for our clients is the branding and messaging opportunity from our personalised, branded bottles. In a hugely competitive market, brands need to find their points of difference and make their guest experiences as memorable as possible – why would you give your brand space away to someone else on such a valuable brand touchpoint? This is true for all our customers from the largest venues of Marriott and IHG (where we are a preferred supplier) to the smallest luxury boutique.

Every detail counts in crafting unforgettable experiences and the quality of your water speaks volumes. At EcoPure Waters, we want to be the trusted partner that ensures the flawless execution of your guest and brand experience while showcasing your commitment to excellence and