Expect tomorrow’s travellers to be ‘techy-travellers”’, demanding new customised experiences with a human touch.

ANRÁN, Devon, 20 July 2022

A new report ‘Tomorrow’s Travellers: Hospitality Trends for 2042’, is launched today at Clockwork Marketing’s special ‘30 years in hospitality’ celebration event at luxury boutique venue, ANRÁN. 

The “Tomorrow’s Travellers” report, written by futurist, Will Higham and commissioned by Clockwork Marketing predicts future traveller’s desires and expectations of a holiday experience in 20 years. 

Higham conducted in-depth analysis of consumer and industry news reports, consumer polls, and academic studies and analysed comments from experts in technology, science, and economic change to identify seven trends that will define the tourism sector in 2042.


Three of the top tourism trends in the “Tomorrow’s Travellers” report include:

  1. Travel Easy: Travellers will demand the ease and convenience that only new technologies bring. Expect to see automatic check-ins, bathroom smart mirrors, and hotel suites that adapt the heating, lighting, and music to guests’ personal preferences.
  2. Have it Your Way:  Consumers are already getting accustomed to personalisation as standard. By 2042 they’re likely to want their entire holiday to be tailored to their individual needs. As technology improves, we could see DNA trackable wearables that tell restaurants what food to prepare based on guests’ specific requirements.
  3. Community Spirit: With a rising demand for human contact in their personalised service, guests will also seek out holidays with “people like me”. We’ll see a revival of communal package tours and every venue will be customised for social media sharing.


Will Higham, Futurist and CEO, Next Big Thing Consulting, commented on the research report: “The future offers both risks and opportunities for the leisure industry. Consumers have adopted new technologies faster than most hotels and venues have, and this needs to change if those businesses are to attract tomorrow’s tourists. For those companies that do adapt to these new demands, the future looks hugely positive.

“But the more technology encroaches on our lives, the more important ‘human contact’ will be.”

Clare Bushby, Managing Director, Clockwork Marketing said: “What is clear and encouraging from “Travellers: Hospitality Trends for 2042’ is that while existing and new technology will be ubiquitous, a human approach to any guest experience in hospitality will be more important than ever. Tomorrow’s travellers are likely to pay an increasing premium for personal service.

“As we move into a new era, we must begin to think of hospitality differently, luxury and price alone will not entice tomorrow’s guests. They will expect a reciprocation of their values and seek out people to travel with that have similar ideas. Hotels, B&Bs, restaurants and self-catering properties need to evolve.”

Clockwork Marketing is a specialist hotel and hospitality marketing agency providing digital marketing, design and branding, website development, and gift voucher software to clients throughout the UK. Celebrating 30 years’ working in the sector, its team understands hospitality businesses in a way only insiders can.

Clockwork’s first client 30 years ago was The Hotel Riviera at Sidmouth, owned by The Wharton Family, and is still, proudly, a Clockwork Marketing client today. Peter Wharton, The Hotel Rivera said: “We have worked with Clockwork Marketing for 30 years and we have seen how Clare has evolved her business to what it is today. Clockwork Marketing has grown and prospered due to their hard work, professionalism and total dedication given to their clients. We are, and will continue, to be great supporters of their work ethics and would not hesitate in recommending Clockwork Marketing to any future clients.”

Clockwork’s Marketing support to the tourism industry throughout the UK has been a constant. The company has recently launched GuestNet, taking its 30 years of marketing knowledge online for smaller hospitality businesses to learn marketing through a series of bitesize videos and guided support.

Clare Bushby added: “Clockwork has always changed with the times. Now, people are concerned about the welfare of our planet in a way unseen before. However, travel has a large carbon footprint and social media aestheticism is causing over tourism in beauty spots around the globe, including the UK.

“Clockwork has taken a small step supporting the Devon Wildlife Trust, helping to preserve the wildlife and nature in our region. Looking beyond this to the future, the business wants to support regenerative tourism projects, enhancing communities and ecological health and encourage others to do the same.”