In this exclusive editorial, we discover Love Cocoa, The Modern Chocolatier, whose flavoursome, expertly crafted and sustainably sourced range offers a luxurious and tasty experience for your guests.

About the Brand

Founded by James Cadbury, the great-great-great grandson of John Cadbury, Love Cocoa creates exceptional chocolate in an exceptional way. The brand drives positive change, craft ethically and only use the world’s finest cacao.

By blending heritage and expertise of great-tasting Great British chocolate with modern standards of sustainability and ethics, Love Cocoa is making chocolate history. Again. The team are committed to creating luxury, sustainable chocolate – made from only the finest, fairest ingredients – carefully crafted in Great Britain.

Love Cocoa was built upon three pillars:

People. They source all their cocoa ethically from growers who farm fairly and pay their workers properly. There’s no great chocolate without great people behind it.

Planet. They protect nature, using no unnecessary plastic, no palm oil and no cruelty. By pledging 1% of their annual sales to reforestation projects, Love Cocoa is combatting the deforestation and environmental damage caused by unsustainable cocoa farming by planting trees in West Africa. They’ve already planted over 1,600,000 trees in areas that have been badly affected by unsustainable farming practices.

Passion. All Love Cocoa’s chocolate has been crafted with pride and care, using the world’s finest cacao. Their flavours are diligently designed to enhance the natural aromas of the cocoa they use, and they are dedicated to discovering new, exciting and delicious flavour combinations.

Chocolate for Change

The mainstream chocolate industry is far from delicious: it’s rife with unfair farming, corporate takeovers, shrinking rainforests and compromised ingredients. Inspired by the ethos of James’ great-great-great grandfather, Love Cocoa is on a mission to break the pattern by making chocolate that is indulgent, ingenious and genuine. This is a new era of chocolate from one of the oldest names in the game. It’s everything you love about luxury chocolate, just better.

As a B Corp certified company, Love Cocoa is dedicated to balancing profit and purpose, using business as a force for good and giving back to the earth from which we take our resources.

This is luxury chocolate made with love, by The Modern Chocolatier.