In an era where wellness and fitness are no longer just personal pursuits but essential aspects of modern living, the hospitality industry is evolving rapidly to meet these new consumer needs. At the forefront of this evolution is Peloton, a revolutionary concept that integrates the world-renowned fitness brand into the heart of hotel wellness offerings. This article delves into how Peloton is redefining wellness in hotels, with a focus on their innovative ‘Hotel Finder’ feature and the tangible benefits it brings to properties listed on the platform.

Introducing Peloton in the Hotel Setting

Peloton, known for its advanced fitness equipment and online classes, is ideally suited for hotels looking to upgrade their wellness facilities. Incorporating Peloton bikes into fitness centers or suites provides a unique and high-quality workout experience, appealing to guests keen on maintaining their fitness routines during travel.

The Peloton Hotel Finder: How It Works

Peloton’s ‘Hotel Finder’ is a digital platform that allows guests to locate hotels equipped with Peloton equipment. This feature is especially beneficial for those who are part of the Peloton community and prefer hotels that cater to their fitness regime. Based on a survey of approx. 800 current active Peloton Members who travel 3+ times per year, conducted by Peloton in August 2022, Peloton found that 9 out of 10 Peloton Members are more likely to stay at a hotel if it has a Peloton Bike. Members simply enter their destination, and the Hotel Finder displays a list of properties featuring Peloton equipment, complete with details about the number and type of machines available, enabling guests to directly book on the preferred hotel’s booking engine. This service not only benefits guests but also serves as a valuable marketing tool for hotels, increasing their visibility among a health-conscious, affluent demographic.

Listing on Peloton’s Hotel Finder

To be listed on the Peloton Hotel Finder, hotels must integrate Peloton equipment and adhere to the brand’s standards. This affiliation with Peloton allows hotels to tap into Peloton’s extensive member base, increasing visibility and potentially driving more bookings.

Benefits of Partnering with Peloton

The advantages of collaborating with Peloton extend beyond just the appeal of high-end fitness equipment. As a reputable brand, Peloton brings a certain prestige and modernity to a hotel’s image, signaling a commitment to quality and guest wellness. Being listed on the Hotel Finder increases a hotel’s exposure to a dedicated community of fitness enthusiasts, potentially driving up bookings and enhancing overall guest satisfaction.

The Impact of Wellness Amenities on Guest Choice

Research in Hilton’s 2023 Trends Report shows 50% of travellers want their next trip to

have a component of physical or mental wellness and they want to continue their at-

home routines when they travel. Moreover, Wellness travelers spend 45-65% more during their stay than the average leisure traveler; and guests who most frequently make recommendations have all enjoyed spa or fitness experiences in the hotel in some way.*

Peloton is more than a fitness option; it’s a strategic asset for hotels in a competitive market. Aligning with Peloton and leveraging the Hotel Finder can greatly enhance a hotel’s attractiveness to wellness-focused guests, fostering growth and guest satisfaction in the ever-evolving hospitality landscape.

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