Most operators of the hospitality sector struggle to navigate through the complex world of copyright. Failing to get the necessary licences could lead to higher costs or even legal action. A ground-breaking solution is about to be launched and will make it easy for accommodation providers to clear the rights to show a myriad of TV contents in their premises. The AVLA licence helps businesses to comply with their obligations and protect them from the risk of legal action for copyright infringement. In parallel, AVLA ensures that creatives receive a fair remuneration for the use of their works.  This innovative centralised licence is good news for both the hospitality sector and the Creative Industries.

The AVLA licence will start on January 1. It will be for hotels, hostels, B&Bs, guesthouses and other accommodation providers. The new permit will enable establishments to legally show in public TV channels containing works form AVLA’s immense repertoire. It covers TVs in bedrooms, as well as in public areas of the premises, such as for example, at a hotel’s bar, restaurant, lobby or fitness areas.

The not-for-profit association behind the new licence is Audiovisual Licensing Alliance (AVLA) Limited, a new collective management organisation established and run by the UK community of creators of audiovisual works (films, series, documentaries, cartoons and other TV contents). AVLA represents tens of thousands of creatives, comprising: producers, authors, actors & other performers, directors and visual artists. They joined forces to offer a centralised solution to clearing the rights to about a million titles and to the different categories of creators, all at once. The fees collected by AVLA will be distributed almost entirely to the respective rightsholders.

Thanks to this integrated licensing system, hospitality businesses will be able to comply with legal requirements in a simple and centralised manner, relieving them of the burden of dealing individually with the multiple entities englobed under the AVLA umbrella, meaning less onerous work for proprietors. AVLA is an official new licensor recognised and monitored by the UK government. For the sake of clarity, the AVLA licence does not replace other existing licences and vice-versa.

Hospitality businesses providing accommodation get added value and benefit from offering TV channels to their guests. Access to watch TV networks makes a big difference to travellers. Guests who can watch TV get a more satisfactory experience from their stay. Their appreciation of the establishment is also higher.

UK and international law recognise that the creators of copyright-protected audiovisual works should be fairly compensated when their works are communicated to the public.

Establishments that make available to their guests TV channels that contain the AVLA repertoire (independently of whether they are free to air or pay TV networks, or whether they are accessed via satellite, cable or other electronic means, such as internet or mobile) are then requested by law to take the AVLA licence. Otherwise, they would be infringing the intellectual property rights of AVLA’s rightsholders.

The tariffs of AVLA have been specially designed to be simple, accessible, easy to understand and transparent. In addition, AVLA also offers various cumulative discounts, with special attention to small businesses. Operators who take the AVLA licence in early 2024 will benefit for special rates.

By taking the AVLA licence, hospitality operators support tens of thousands of artists and SMEs, helping financing new titles and fostering talent and the economy. This will help ensure that the talent required for British content remains in the industry and can continue to make a significant contribution to the UK economy.

Maxwell William Rumney, Co-chair of AVLA, said, “The birth of AVLA represents a significant moment for the UK’s audiovisual creative community. In an industry that often operates on a project-driven basis, AVLA’s formation stands out as a singular collective initiative that integrates tens of thousands of individuals and SMEs from throughout the UK, a unified sectorbased response that puts the talent at the centre and aims to provide a practical and fair solution to an intricate matter.

Richard Combes, Co-chair of AVLA, continued, “AVLA brings together the largest and broadest community of audiovisual creatives in the UK and beyond, comprising over 16,000 producers, 115,000 authors, 8,000 directors, around 30,000 performers and a myriad of visual artists. Because we represent so many rightsholders, we can offer the most comprehensive audiovisual licence by far. The AVLA licence makes it easier for businesses to comply with obligations, and protects them from the risk of legal action for copyright infringement.”


About AVLA: 

Audiovisual Licensing Alliance (AVLA) Limited is a not-for-profit collective management organisation recognised as official licensor by the UK government. AVLA was founded by and represents the broadest and most varied community of audiovisual creators, comprising producers, authors, performers, directors and visual artists. The mission of AVLA is to ensure that creatives are fairly rewarded for the use of their works. 

AVLA offers a centralised and simple licence to facilitate the clearing of rights to an immense repertoire of audiovisual works (films, series, documentaries, cartoons and other TV programmes) and multiple categories of rightsholders, at once. The AVLA licence enables businesses and organisations to legally show in public at their premises TV channels containing titles of its vast repertoire. 


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