We find out more about how Techotel is leading the way within the hospitality industry through their Property Management System – Picasso Digital and their Artificial intelligence module they named “Mona”, allowing their customers the peace of mind that an automated Property Management System brings.

Fast paced development

Techotel are market leaders in their development of digital tools. Hotels who operate more digital platforms to communicate with guests, provide tailored recommendations, build relationships and gather feedback. This increased engagement with customers helps build guest loyalty, and drives repeat bookings as well as additional sales.

Alistair Brown, National Operations Manager for AK Techotel said: “Mona is really leading the way in a world where contactless reception is becoming the norm. We have seen the evolution of the traditional role of front of house move from the computer screen to more meet and greet, adding the traditional extra touch to the guest experience that the UK Hotel market is well known for, Mona allows the hotel reception to do just that”.

The rapid advancements in technology, are enabling hotels to leverage digital solutions in more innovative ways than ever before. Mona is the latest AI by AK Techotel which is developed to handle an array of services and tasks which would be repetitive and time consuming, as well as open to human error.

Time is money

The embedded AI application, “Mona” can help to streamline operations, such as handling guest requests, managing reservations, and providing real-time updates to staff.

Alistair acknowledges that there is usually a concern about introducing such drastic steps in to how the front of house operates, but as he said: “It is just a case of changing the mind set of both guest and staff, keys can be delivered to the phone, the guest inventory is now a digital download and payment can now be made via their phone to name a few options”.

One system – endless integrations

While Mona certainly seems to tick the boxes for the next generation, it is the holistic approach of the PMS that Alistair finds that most users of Picasso enjoy. With Picasso it is one system, one staff log in, one set of reports, one set of accounts. It really does take the strain off the staff, in what is an already stressful environment.

The future

By embracing digital technologies, hotels can improve guest experiences, enhance operational efficiency, gather valuable insights, and stay competitive in an increasingly digital world. The AK Techotel developers operate a “Wishlist” that allows to build tomorrow’s Picasso Digital from the needs of the users. A customer request, even a simple report, can become the latest feature in Picasso Digital. With over 1200 installations completed; AK Techotel knows what is required. www.techotel.ie