In an exclusive editorial with the team at Gfl, the brand behind well-known names such as Geneva Guild, Anyah and Prija, they explain why they have been hoteliers’ chosen cosmetic provider for the last 15 years.

Our history

Gfl was established in 1995 and is now the largest, independently owned, manufacturer of hotel cosmetics in Europe. We represent the true essence of ‘Made in Italy’. We are a Swiss company, headquartered in Lugano, with a state-of-the-art, 42,000 square metre manufacturing plant located near Milan. We invest in technology and innovation, selecting talented and well recognised partners that can guarantee the highest standards and maximum efficiency.

Our range of products suit all venues and include dispensers in a pump and squeeze form, wipes, doypacks, sachet and solid soaps which are blended and extruded on site. With our in-house printing department, we offer flexible packaging and customised labels for your unique hotel branding.

With more than 28 years of experience, we know exactly how to design a unique guest journey. Gfl provides a wide collection of brands and scents for luxury venues to choose from fine perfumery brands, such as: Prija, Acca Kappa and Galimard to fashion brands like Lanvin. Alternatively, our lifestyle brands include, Elemental Herbology and LAFCO New York. If your venue has a sustainable ethos, we offer green certified brands: The Rerum Natura, Osme, Anyah, Hopal and Geneva Green. Thanks to our experience and production capabilities, we have mastered the creation of innovative cosmetic collections and customised contract solution.

Our mission

We strive to enhance our leadership in the cosmetic industry by cultivating our distinctive strengths: producing high-quality products and using innovative solutions that have a positive impact on sustainability.

With every project, production starts from a principle of conservation and preservation and we are always looking for innovative ways to reduce waste and to pursue sustainability.

We apply contemporary concepts and select the highest quality raw materials to create our formulations. From environmentally-friendly cosmetics with certifications including Cosmos organic, Nordic Ecolabel, Eu Ecolabel and RSPO certified mass balance to high-impact luxury collections with unforgettable scents.

We work collectively throughout the brand to achieve our premium status. We only work with certified suppliers to ensure that the materials adhere to the highest quality standards. Our cosmetic laboratory favours ingredients of natural origin, which are organic or eco-certified. Our chemists use advanced green technologies to create powerful and safe formulations and all our finished products are clinically tested.


We design our products with sustainability in mind, our eco-design pillars focus on plastic reduction, efficiency maximisation, and circular management of all resources involved in creating value for our customers.

At Gfl we apply green thinking to every action to benefit the environment and our customers and we are committed to making a positive impact on the environment by implementing effective green practices. For many years we have been moving from virgin to Post-Consumer recycled plastic, which reduces our CO2 impact and emissions and all our Gfl products are mostly produced using (r)PET because of its excellent recycling capabilities.

We are continuously looking for innovative packaging to increase recyclability such as our “ECO” easy to-peel label, laser coding, or our soap packaging that can be recycled as paper and we favour the use of cosmetics with less impact on the aquatic ecosystem. Eu Ecolabel, Cosmos, Nordic Ecolabel are only some examples of our contribution to reduce the CVD-TOX.

Sustainably produced recyclable, single dose, sealed dispenser, and refillable dispenser products are all required in today’s hotel. Gfl are committed to creating high-quality cosmetics, available in packaging which best suits our customers’ requirements.

Packaging options

Single dose

Sealed dispenser

Refillable dispenser

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