Clean hotels foster satisfied guests who leave with a positive impression and are more likely to return. Ensuring a comfortable, clean environment is crucial, as poor hygiene can harm a hotel’s reputation and diminish the likelihood of repeat visits. In this exclusive piece, we reveal how the new compressed Tork Xpress® multifold hand towels can increase efficiency.

Hotels are for more than just sleeping, they are used for relaxing, socialising, working and eating. Because of their multiple use cases, they can also be tricky places to keep clean.  But using industry-leading practices, and utilising the best hygiene solutions at your disposal, means you don’t have to compromise between serving guests and keeping their spaces clean. 

One challenge hotels face is the number of cleaning stations, washrooms and bedrooms that staff must maintain.  Hotels can be large and have hundreds of dispensers and stations dotted around their building. With this amount of stations, it’s no surprise that 71 per cent* of cleaners wish their systems were easier to refill.  The new compressed Tork Xpress® multifold hand towels increase efficiency with compressed refills allowing the dispensers to hold up to 50 per cent more towels**, meaning they can serve twice the number of guests before refilling.  In addition, compression reduces packaging by up to 27 per cent*** – meaning more towels can fit on a shipment, and less packaging is thrown away.  Once used, Tork Xpress Hand Towels can be recycled with Tork PaperCircle®, the world’s first paper hand towel recycling service – helping businesses to go circular by collecting and recycling used paper hand towels into new tissue products – and turning waste into resources.

Along with every other industry, hotels must be wary of their sustainability credentials as we face climate and resource challenges together. To do this, hotels must consider their own emissions, and those of their supply chains if they are to make positive changes in the bid for sustainable business. As a supplier, Essity must provide assurances to its Hotel customers that its products minimise environmental impact as much as possible. The Tork brand offers 27 dispensers**** in Europe (excluding France) with carbon-neutral certification.  This is achieved by producing our dispensers using certified renewable electricity and compensating the remaining carbon emissions through investment in climate projects.  These range from supplying clean drinking water in Cambodia to protecting forests in Indonesia, and investing in energy-saving cookstoves in India combined with recovering plastic along beaches.***** 

From a renewability and waste reduction perspective, it is up to companies like Essity (the makers of Tork products), who deal in disposable products, to maximise efficiency, and minimise waste as much as possible.