It’s important to ensure the needs of the guest are similar to that of the hotel when designing applications for overnight stay venues. Not only does every guest need to have the perfect stay, the hotel also needs to ensure the right technical solution is delivered at the right budget. Clivet solutions are at the very forefront of technology but are also easy to use.

Air conditioning in hotels must offer an ideal level of comfort for every guest. Throughout a hotel there can be very different loads and requirements in terms of temperature, air quality, humidity and silent operation, as well as a constant demand for domestic hot water. The system must be able to meet these requirements in every season whilst keeping running costs down.

The multifunctional hydronic heat pumps, combined with the air renewal system offer the following advantages:

  • A compact generator that simplifies the system and frees up space for other uses
  • Ideal temperature and humidity
  • Silent operation, especially in rooms
  • Can offer savings in both initial investment and operation
  • Care for the environment with the use of ecological refrigerants and energy-saving technologies

Products and systems for hotels

The Enhanced Hydronic System is the evolution of the traditional Hydronic Conditioning System. The energy is produced at condominial level and then distributed using cooled or heated water as a vector fluid. The necessary air renewal is made by the full fresh air unit with active thermodynamic recovery. As an autonomous unit, it eliminates the plant necessary for the transfer of the vector fluids used in a traditional system to satisfy the air primary load and at the same time to reduce the dimensions and costs of the heating-cooling stations dimensioned only to satisfy the building’s load.

The Water Loop Heat Pump is widely used in hotels, the system is based on a hydraulic circuit (Water Loop). The water flow, pushed by pumps acts as an energy source for indoor electrical water-air or water-water heat pumps. The loop circuit allows efficient transfer of energy between zones with opposite and simultaneous needs (heating/cooling). Therefore, both as a consequence of the water inertia and the wide working envelope of indoor heat pumps, the injection and rejection systems working time is limited only to when the temperature of the water loop tends to stray from the optimal operational range.

The Water Source Heat Pump, is based on heat pumps which use sea/river or lake water as a renewable energy source. The heat pumps are connected to each other by one or more closed loop circuits with energy transfer and provide the cooling or heating capacity needed to maintain the desired comfort conditions.