Hospitality sites across the UK are starting to plan and prepare for a successful year. Woodberry have spoken to their hospitality clients and compiled a list of trends that they are prioritising in 2024.

Instagram-Worthy Features 

Giving your hospitality venue an Instagrammable touch such as a feature wall, a stand-out interior, or a photogenic menu is an easy way to encourage your customers to share your business. An increasing amount of guests are following recommendations from social media making your online presence more important than ever. 


The Woodberry team have seen a rise in clients looking for sustainably sourced and recyclable furniture for their hospitality sites and sustainability is becoming more important to consumers and businesses. This means that more people value local, in season produce when looking for a place to dine, so adapt your menu to guest demands.

Personalised Customer Service 

Customers are becoming more drawn to establishments that offer a personalised service as it makes them feel valued and ultimately allows them to have a better experience.

There are multiple ways you can offer a more personalised service. You may provide colouring sheets if you’re targeted towards families or host classes such as cocktail making to appeal to your local community.  

Flexible Spaces

More hospitality sites are looking to create flexible spaces that cater to different types of customers. This allows them to diversify their customer demographic and increase trade. 

One way to achieve this is by creating zones with different items of furniture and decorations that cater to the specific type of customer.  This could be upholstered armchairs and dining tables in a section to attract an older demographic and families, and bar height furniture in another area for younger customers just visiting for a drink.

Investing in Outdoor Areas

After the wet summer, Woodberry saw a rise in outdoor shelter enquiries and businesses looking to weather-proof their outdoor space. Ensuring you are prepared for unpredictable weather in the New Year can save you time and money as you can provide an inviting space that never turns a guest away, even through poor weather conditions. 

Woodberry also offers a wide range heavy duty, weather-resistant, and quick drying furniture such as metal outdoor chairs and recycled plastic furniture. 

Woodberry’s furniture experts can offer advice on how to create a space that works hard for your business within the New Year. Get in touch today to discuss your needs. 

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